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Our History

Our Headquarters is now 32 years old and over the last 15 years the Scouts, Explorers, Leaders and Group Council have been busy with refurbishments to make it last another 32 years.  The kitchen has been updated and a store made for the tables and benches.  Thanks to a grant from Norfolk Rural Community Council, Grenville way had a new roof early in 2007.

3rd Thetford Cubs100 & Beavers30 – Group Camp

September 10, 2016

3rd Thetford Cubs100 & Beavers30 – Group Camp

To celebration 100 years of cubs and 30 years of Beavers, 3rd Thetford had their first group camp for all sections on the Kilverstone estate. Beavers through to Explorers camping together with joint activities. Full Story

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Harboro’ II naming ceremony

January 30, 2011

Harboro’ Adventure II naming ceremony with Lord Edward its Stoke Ferry mooring.

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Iceni Explorers Win County Hike

January 30, 2007

Thetford Iceni Explorers win the County’s BPA hike in the centenary year.

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Silver Acorn for Ruth

January 30, 2007

Ruth Chase, originally co-founder of 4th Thetford Beavers in 1987, received the Silver Acorn.

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Silver Acorn

January 30, 2005

Scouter-in-Charge Steve Hunt received the Silver Acorn at the St George’s Day Service.

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Growth Award

January 30, 2005

Award received for growth in numbers for the third year running.

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First girl joins Beavers

January 30, 2004

3rd Thetford go co-ed with first girl Beaver Scout.

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County Commissioner award for growth

January 30, 2003

Award received from the County Commissioner for growth in numbers.

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County Reorganisation

January 30, 2002

County reorganisation: Thetford Scouts now in new South West Norfolk District.

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Thetford Iceni Explorers Start

January 30, 2002

Thetford Iceni Explorer Unit formed

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4th Thetford Closes

January 30, 1998

4th Thetford closes, Beavers join 3rd Thetford

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Abseil Tower at Two Mile Bottom

January 30, 1995

3rd Thetford: Group members helped to build abseil tower at Two Mile Bottom

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3x Group Locations

January 30, 1991

2nd Thetford (Kimms Belt) 3rd Thetford (Admirals Way) 4th Thetford (Abbey Farm) mentioned in Thetford Gleanings

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Steve Hunt Joins 3rd Thetford

January 30, 1990

Steve Hunt joined 3rd Thetford and brought with him a part-built canal boat and a derelict farmhouse in Derbyshire.

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4th Thetford start Beavers

January 30, 1987

4th Thetford Beaver Colony started by Ruth Chase with Jill Darby, Jenny Ashby and Jenny Wood.

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70 Years of Cubs

January 30, 1986

4th Thetford Cubs celebrate 70 years of Cub Scouting with a float at Thetford Carnival

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Hall Built

January 30, 1985

3rd Thetford Scout group building built

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3rd Thetford complete HQ

January 30, 1984

Work completed on Grenville Way HQ

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Queen’s Guide and Queen’s Scout awards

July 30, 1982

3rd Thetford: Maria Walker was the first Thetford Venture Scout to gain both the Queen’s Guide and Queen’s Scout awards.

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3rd Thetford leave 1st

January 30, 1974

3rd Thetford: Scout Troop numbers grew enough to form 3rd Thetford Scout Troop (3rd Thetford Scouts had joined in with 1st Thetford)

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3rd Thetford Started

January 30, 1972

3rd Thetford Cub Pack started by Roy and Mavis Holland

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District Ventures at Castle Street.

January 31, 1967

District Ventures meeting at Castle Street.

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1st Thetford at Croxton Road

January 30, 1967

1st Thetford: Cubs and Scouts meeting at Croxton Road.

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2nd Thetford at Queensway School.

January 29, 1967

2nd Thetford: Cubs and Scouts meeting at Queensway School.

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Eric Worsley awarded the MBE

June 23, 1942

Former Scoutmaster Eric Worsley E awarded the MBE.

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2nd Thetford merge with 1st

January 30, 1942

2nd Thetford: activities decreased and after May the troop combined with 1st Thetford.

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2nd on Civil Defence Exercise

December 2, 1941

In December the troop had an exciting time taking part in a combined Civil Defence exercise.

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George Medal for Gallantry

January 31, 1941

Former Scoutmaster Eric Worsley awarded George Medal for gallantry.

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Mr Hibbins Scout Master

January 30, 1941

2nd Thetford: Mr Hibbins became Scoutmaster.

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Winners of shield 1939-40

January 31, 1940

Mr Worsley left. Pheasant Patrol winners of shield 1939-40

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National Service

January 30, 1940

2nd Thetford: Many of the troop undertook various forms of national service including the salvaging of waste paper.

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Mr Worsley trains as leader

January 30, 1939

2nd Thetford: Mr Worsley undertook leader training at Gilwell during the summer holidays in order to replace Mr Turner who left.

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Mr Sawyer leaves 2nd Thetford

January 30, 1938

Mr Sawyer left the 2nd Thetford troop. Camps continued at Kilverstone.

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Chief Scout address

January 30, 1937

2nd Thetford: The year’s highlight was hearing the Chief Scout address the gathering during Scout Week in Norwich. The troop held weekend camps at Kilverstone “where the facilities for bathing, wood and water are excellent”.

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1st & 2nd Thetford Parade together

January 30, 1936

lst Thetford & 2nd Thetford paraded at the Market Place for the Proclamation of His Majesty King Edward VIII and four Scouts represented the troop at the memorial service for the late king at St Mary’s church.

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2nd Thetford Revived

January 30, 1935

2nd Thetford: Troop revived under leadership of Mr Sawyer. New colours dedicated at St Mary’s Church. ”Court of Honour” set up by the Patrol Leaders to discuss affairs of the troop. Trek cart built for use at weekend camps at Rushford. Summer camp at Malham in Yorkshire.

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Capt W J Short

January 30, 1932

Capt W J Short (Thetford’s registrar) became Scout master of the Town Troop

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Roland Palmer Retires

January 30, 1930

Roland Palmer retired due to ill health in 1930

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2nd Thetford started

January 30, 1927

2nd Thetford (Thetford Grammar School): “Dick Seaman” Inter Patrol Challenge Trophy awarded to Panther in April, Hawk in July, Panther in December

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Part of Lord Fishers Funeral

January 30, 1920

Boy Scouts formed part of Lord Fisher’s funeral procession from Thetford Station to Kilverstone.

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Troop Saves Stables

January 30, 1913

Thetford Scouts helped to save the stables of the King’s Arms public house by raising the fire alarm whilst on patrol in King Street

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Thetford Town Troop

January 30, 1911

Thetford Town Troop formed by Mr Roland Palmer of Norwich Rd School.

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1st Thetford Troop started

January 30, 1910

lst Thetford Troop started through the enthusiasm of Mr James Edgell of King’s House. Mr W Woods was the 1910 first Scoutmaster and Mr F M Potter Assistant Scout master. Inspected by Lieutenant General Sir Robert Baden-Powell in October.

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Scouting starts

July 20, 1907

In the summer of 1907 Baden-Powell held a camp on Brownsea Island in England to test ideas for his book. This camp and the publication of Scouting for Boys are generally regarded as the start of the Scout movement.

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