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Group Subs – Sept 2015

Posted on September 8th, 2015 by admin

The executive Committee have agreed the subs fee for 2015-2016, up to AGM 2016.

Dear Parent/Guardian

We have been asked to clarify the structure for the payment of subs for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts within our group.

There is a misconception that we work on £2.50 per session. This is possibly partly our own doing, because we usually communicate this for simplicity. The reason is, most sections, Scouts being the predominant one, work on a 48 week calendar with £2.50 per session being £120.00 per annum.

With other groups there has been some confusion and sections not covering the true cost of their activities. This was dramatically
highlighted during the last end of year results.

Due to this the Executive Committee have been in discussions to agree how we continue to operate with this financial obstacle. We have agreed to write to you and share the conclusions.

The following two pages aim to address…
1) Confirm the true cost of being a member of the Group
2) Clarify the payment options available in future
3) How we plan to ensure everyone can continue to joy
4) Feedback on future modernisation of payments

We have taken great care to understand the needs of the Group and Parents, but mostly the needs of the children and hope you can continue to support the work we do.

Yours Sincerely

Neil Coomber-Webb
Group Executive Chairman

Steve Hunt
Group Scout Leader

The true cost of being a member of the Group

Although we try to minimise the cost of enjoying Scouting within the 3rd Thetford Group, we unfortunately have running costs which we are unable to avoid. Similar to running a home we have ongoing costs, Electricity, Water, Rent, Insurance etc that are unavoidable. Then there are the costs of each activity… stationery, materials, food etc which we use on a weekly basis and those big items we own, Boat, Minibus etc.

Something little appreciated is that each of our leaders and helpers does this voluntarily and take no payment for their time. This means we keep costs down but still have to run a very tight financial budget.

To help understand the costs involved we have researched our spends for last year to identify the real cost of membership.

Membership to our group remains £120/yr (often stated as £2.50 x 48wk). Below is a breakdown of how your subs is spend (FY14)

Subs breakdown 2015

The committee has agreed to defer an increase in subs as we believe making these changes will help manage cash flow and increase our efficiencies to enable us to continue to deliver Scouting at the current

Clarify the payment options available in future

As of 1st October 2015 all subs will be taken in line with the terms below. There will be a transition period but if you could start payments by cheque or cash (£10, £20 notes etc) this will help the leaders

Subs rates 2015

If you have particular issue with the payment terms above please discuss with your section leader, they will work with you to arrange a solution.

How we plan to ensure everyone can continue to enjoy

Your section leaders are here to discuss the payment options above, simply catch them after your session and they will be happy to discuss in private.

Feedback on future modernisation of payments

We intend to offer the ability to set up a standing order on the terms above in the near future. We will inform you in writing when the processes have been finalised.

Please forward your thoughts to leaders or contacts below on if you’d like to pay using this method in future.

Download PDF 3rd Thetford Scout Group – Subs 9-15

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