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Cubs100 – Group Camp

Posted on September 12th, 2016 by admin

When 3rd Thetford scouts do a group camp, there’s no stopping them.

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Despite the rain on Saturday, and a cold night, Sunday looked amazing.

dsc_1148 dsc_1207 dsc_1197 dsc_1194 dsc_1189 dsc_1184 dsc_1181 dsc_1172 dsc_1163 dsc_1161 dsc_1156

Sunday was a beautiful day and a great way to finish the weekend.

dsc_1265 dsc_1245 dsc_1244 dsc_1242 dsc_1216

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Cubs100 happy faces

Posted on September 12th, 2016 by admin

From sunshine to rain and back to sunshine cubs100 will always have special memories for our group. A great weekend and a wonderful time to be all together on one camp.




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Eventful new activities

Posted on September 11th, 2016 by admin

Nothing comes without some hard work and acquiring project boats is no exception.

Some fellow scouts offered their slightly unloved old boats to be collected as “projects” for a nautically minded group to renovate and use. Obviously as the only East Anglian group with a narrow boat we jumped at it. Who could be more nautical?

But collecting them was no picnic.

So, Steve and Mark, our GSL and Scott leader driver to north Norfolk to collect the boats of slightly sad condition. And bring them back on trailers to Thetford.

As is often the case it becomes a big adventure.

Back now in Thetford, safe and sound, waiting for the youngsters to start renovating them. Ready for next year’s sailing season.

Any instructors willing to volunteers to teach sailing next year would be amazing.

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